So, Darlin, I have a little road rage.


I mean really. Texting and driving is bad, right? It’s just a bad idea… so if you cannot multi-task, just STOP IT and get out of my way.

I was behind a little old man the other day (little old man as in ‘how in the WORLD does he see over the dashboard?’ little old man), and he was all over the road. I wasn’t sure if I should call 911 or what. He was bobbing and weaving and speeding up and slowing down… honestly, it gave me a headache.  I’m not saying that people over a certain age should have to re-take their driver’s test, because honestly if the age was set at 40 I’m not sure I’d still be on the road. Getting that 76 percent score at sixteen years of age was hard enough back in the day.

But the world’s worst – the thing that, as my friend Bethie says, “honks me off!” (Don’t you love that expression? Honks me off! Good stuff, that…) is people who get angry and impatient with farm equipment on the road.

sprayer on the roadHmmm. You like to EAT, don’t you, Zippy? Then COOL YOUR JETS. These men and women don’t like to be on the road moving equipment any more than you like them being there. Maybe even less, because if they are moving equipment from field to field, they are not plowing or spraying or planting anything.

It’s no fun being up in the cab and seeing a line stretched out behind you and the car on your tail so far up the PTO the driver should smell grease. It’s no fun trying to find a safe place to pull over… again… and let those cars by. Again. And it’s sure no fun when some meanie flips you a finger or gives you a dirty look. And I mean really… is all that nonsense necessary?

No. It isn’t.

And anyone who is rude to a farmer just ought not get to eat that day. I’ve always heard that a few times in your life you need a preacher and a lawyer, but EVERY DAY you need a farmer.

And rest assured, the farmers need you, too. So give them a break this season. There’s going to be a lot of equipment on the road in the very near future, and you’d be amazed at how a smile and wave instead of a scowl would mean to these guys and gals who are busting a gut to provide food, feed and fuel for our ever-growing population.

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