Hey, Darlin… what’s that smell?


I am a lucky girl when it comes to good-smelling workplaces. It took me about a month to figure out the reason it smelled SO AWESOME at the newspaper office was because we were just around the corner from the “laundry-mat” (that’s a coin laundry if y’all are up north).

As a matter of fact, I felt sure the Downey-soft fresh breeze would be something I missed terribly when I left the paper and went to work at the RGDJ (redneck girl’s dream job). And I do miss that smell. The sense of smell is said to be the one that evokes the most powerful memories. Do you remember what cologne your first boyfriend wore? I’ll never be able to smell Stetson without thinking of a certain young man from my high school days. Ditto to Black Suede. And, for reasons you don’t need to know, the smell of Polo makes me violently ill to this day.

But I digress. Get used to it.

So imagine my happiness when, a few days after I started work at the RGDJ, I noticed an oh-so-fabulous fragrance wafting through the parking lot as I arrived at our office. It was… vanilla wafers.

Yes, boys and girls, I work two doors down from a COOKIE FACTORY. Vanilla wafer day is my favorite, followed closely by animal cracker day. Saltine cracker day doesn’t move me, but I can tell you that they make vanilla wafers frequently. There is something about vanilla wafers that makes me happy. I think it’s because my Granny always used to keep vanilla wafers (or those colored mini marshmallows) in her cookie jar when the grandkids would come to visit. I was at her house a lot, and I enjoyed a LOT of vanilla wafers. She used to make the best banana pudding with them, and she didn’t believe in Jello Instant anything.

So on the days when I scent vanilla wafers on the air, I smile and think that just maybe it’s my Granny, blowing a kiss from heaven.

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