No, Darlin’, THIS is the happiest place on Earth


I am speaking, of course, about home. Where I live. The hacienda. Wagoneritaville Hill. Those folks at Disneyland call their park “the happiest place on Earth,” and for some people that may be true. I happen to prefer Nowhere, Kentucky, and I have a few pictures to show you why.

As you know, I’m all about agriculture. Soybeans and soybean farmers are my favorite, because that’s how I make my living, and they’re a big part of my life. But I have big love for all agriculture. I noticed on my drive home yesterday that today, this week, RIGHT NOW is an amazing time to be an AGvocate, because of the simple joys (well, simple for me – others are working hard to make these things happen!) that I see out my truck window on the drive home.

Now, we don’t live way back in the sticks. The pictures you are about to see were taken either from our yard or on the drive from our house to a 4-lane highway, and we only live about a mile and a half, tops, from this 4-lane.

This guy was very curious about me as I made my way from the house to the truck this morning. He was a cutie and I liked the way he was peering through the fence at me. You may have seen the Chevy Silverado commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. It featured a bull “going courting,” and ended with “helllooooooo ladies!” That’s what this guy reminded me of this morning.

Mooooooving on down the driveway, I spotted some mama horses and their babies mixed in with the cows (and now bulls) who live next door. The fence in the bull picture is actually on our property, so we are mighty close neighbors.
The two species get along well and share the pasture.

At the end of our driveway is one of the prettiest scenes that I get to enjoy every day. Our friends and neighbors farm a lot of ground around our place, including ours, and this red barn is directly across the road from the end of our driveway. As I said, soybeans are my favorite, so you’ll probably see this shot again and again as the growing season progresses.

On down the road a little way is a good stand of corn, which is rotated year to year with the full-season bean crop.

I say full-season bean crop because there is also a “double-crop” bean which will be planted in the stubble once this wheat is combined. It’s just about time for that to happen, and many farmers in our area are well into wheat harvest. Double-crop beans are also sometimes called “wheat beans” and are varieties with a shorter growth cycle than full-season beans.
(Amber waves of grain, right there!)

The final crop I saw this morning between home and the main road was hay. hay
I didn’t have a real camera with me (dangit) and had to just use my phone, but the haying season is rolling on here in Kentucky, with small rectangle bales, big round bales (like these) and the big square bales appearing in fields all over the Commonwealth.

As I said, it’s not a long way from home to the 4-lane, but oh my at the sights to see. So you can keep your Magic Kingdom, Mr. Disney. I have all the magic I need right here within a couple miles of the house, no plane ticket required.

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