Yep. Once a week!


That was my goal for blogging when I began the Darlin Diaries, but as usual, life got in the way. All is well, all is swell! I have been on the go, loving the Redneck Girl’s Dream Job, my fam, my friends, my dachshund and my life.

On a work trip to Indy, I accidentally found myself in an awesome suite for the Brickyard 400. (Thank you Meggie!) That was such a cool experience that I immediately scratched it onto my Bucket List so that I could check it off. I felt as if I were getting “lapped” myself in the getting to and from the race in our work truck. It’s a big manly truck, tricked out with flaming decals and messaging promoting one of the products made from soy, biodiesel, and I have to say that the looks the women in our office get are pretty fun to observe.

new truck

Our office has a staff of only four, and of those employees, 75 percent are female. ALL of us, across the board, could be defined as “vertically challenged.” Nuff said.

Also on that trip, I was overjoyed to visit in person with my dear friend Rachael Raney. You know that friend you may not see for years, and talk to only on occasion, but with whom you pick up right where you left off? That would be her. Love me some Rachael.

The trifecta of goodness in Indy hit when other soybean ag communicators and I were invited to see the Indiana Soybean Alliance’s Glass Barn. This is the Big Kahuna of soybean learning experiences, and I am thrilled that we were able to tour the Barn. Tip of the hat to Jane Ade Stevens and the crew at Indiana Soybean for pulling off such a coup.

Through my ag communication gig, I have met some other bloggers, or – better said – I have made some friends who happen to blog. Check out Florida Girl on the Farm, The Tobacco Diaries, South Dakota Chic, Dairy Carrie, Growing Up Dairy Happy, Frankly, My Dear… and Beef and Sweet Tea to get some interesting perspectives on a variety of topics.

As for me? I’ll try to do better, darlin’!

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