It’s Meetin’ and Eatin’ Season!


Oh Em Geee, Y’all. I love love love the RGDJ (Redneck Girl’s Dream Job) sooooo much. I just celebrated my second anniversary with the Kentucky Soybean Board (and Association), and although I am no longer the New Girl, the honeymoon is not yet over.

The thing is that it’s meetin’ and eatin’ season, the time of the year when our farmers aren’t in the field, which means that many of them are in the boardroom and the classroom.

We had a board meeting in November, a research meeting in December, Commodity Conference in January, CommonGround Conference (love me some Austin, Tx!) in January, Intensive Soybean Management Workshops in February, NATIONAL FARM MACHINERY SHOW (it’s the most wonderful time of the year…) in February – leaving in the morning – and then Commodity Classic at the end of February.

As an ag communicator, I am responsible for our organization’s magazine, and the problem I have with the spring issue is that I have to wait for stuff to happen in order to write about how great it was… and it all happens at about the same time.

I am blessed blessed blessed because I love my job, I love my coworkers (both in the office ad in other commodities) and my farmers.

Back to the meetin’ and eatin’… They feed us. At ALL of these meetings… and they feed us well. The good news is, if that’s the worst problem I have, all is well.

Off to the National Farm Machinery Show, which includes the National Championship Tractor Pulls. Rooting for red – El Nino in particular.

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