It’s time to dance, Darlin’… and haters gonna hate


No, I don’t mean the two step or a slow dance, or even a line dance (scary flashbacks there!) – I mean THE BIG DANCE! It’s March Madness, y’all, and my Kentucky Wildcats have, as Bro. Shane says at the Suwanee Furnace Baptist Church, SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT!!

In case you have been living under a rock, the Cats have SO MUCH talent that Coach Cal has divided them into two “platoons,” and either one is a good team. Together, the two platoons proved to be unbeatable in the regular season AND the SEC Tournament. They currently remain unbeaten, and that’s pretty well unheard of. Nobody thought they’d go all the way to the NCAA Tournament unbeaten, and many brackets have the Cats slated to go all the way.

Even Dickie V wants the Cats to win.

Which brings me to the point…

haters gonna hate Coach Cal

This is a funny graphic that’s been making the rounds for a few years now. It’s Coach John Calipari’s head on an otherwise famous photo. It’s all too true, haters ARE gonna hate, and that’s just sad. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, some folks will find something that is otherwise positive and turn it into a negative, venom-filled hate-fest. This week alone I have seen haters hatin’ hard on college basketball, conventional vs. organic farming, a blogger sharing her views about food shaming by moms, and a bunch of farmers talking to their Senator in D.C. The comments and venom are out of control and it’s just silly.

The only situation named above that involves a winner and a loser is the basketball tournament. We are blessed to live in a country where farmers can grow – and we can choose – conventional or organic, we can feed our kids brussels sprouts or chocolate chip cookies, and farmers and government officials can work together.

I try not to feed the trolls, and sometimes it’s really, really HARD. People are mean and cruel and post things on the internet that I certainly HOPE they’d never say to anyone’s face. I am, as you may know, one of those annoyingly pleasant and positive people. Bright side, glass half full, yada yada. And seeing people who are so angry and negative makes me sad. The silver lining? I may have to deal with those folks… but I don’t have to BECOME one!

Let your light shine, friends.

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