Tis the season! Spring planting is almost here!


As our farmers get ready to take to the fields, they’re getting equipment ready. From planters to manure spreaders and tractors to sprayers, there is much to do in preparation for the 2015 planting season. It’s an exciting time – these guys and gals have been cooped up in the shop or in the house, or in meeting after meeting, for a long part of the winter. Our livestock and poultry farmers have been feeding and checking on their animals in bitter cold temps, busting ice on the ponds, often under dreary gray skies.

So the first few warm days brings farmers out of the woodwork to get ready for the coming long, sunny days. The smell of freshly turned dirt and diesel fuel calls to them, and they can’t wait to get back in the field.

I can only assume that’s what happened to Uncle Jack Trumbo.  You can tell from this picture that he’s a farmer… (Kentucky Farm Bureau Farmer of the Year 2014, as a matter of fact.)

Jack Trumbo 2014

and you can tell from this one that he’s one heck of a fun guy.


Jack has been farming for many years, and this spring, like all the springs that came before, he was getting his equipment ready for planting season. As best I can gather from what I have  been told, he was standing on the ground and trying to get a tractor started. The good news is that he got it started, but the heartbreaking news is that it ran over him.

Jack is in the hospital now, and he will be for a long time. Chances are, he won’t personally plant a thing this year as he instead concentrates his energy on healing from a long list of injuries, and the long list of surgeries that will be required to repair the damage done to his body on Sunday. He’s lucky to be alive.

So, Darlin’, if you are a farmer or if you love a farmer, or even if your “tractor” is a push-mower, please, please be careful out there this spring. The first few warm days make homeowners want to clean up and spruce up and welcome the warmer temperatures. Please make sure you do it in a a safe way, and happy spring.

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