#IDoBelieve, darlin!


This hashtag was popular during the NCAA Tournament, when the University of Kentucky Wildcats won an amazing 38 games in a row to enter the Final Four undefeated. Sadly, the Cats were bested by Wisc-ahhhh-nsin in the final four matchup. The Badgers added insult to injury for UK fans by being bested by Duke (#IHateChristianLaettner) in the finals.

As discussed in my “haters gonna hate” post a couple weeks ago, the venom that has been spewed by basketball junkies and bandwagon fans alike simply boggles my mind. HOW can anyone hate the Cats?  To be completely grammatically incorrect,

you hate us cause you aint usand sadly, this is all too true. The University of Kentucky basketball program has been the stuff of legends for decades, and this team, under the direction (both on and off the court) of Coach John Calipari, has done amazing things.

So why do people LOVE to hate them? It makes me sad. I’ve followed UK basketball since I watched it as a kid with my dad, growing up bleeding blue. I am not an alumnus of the University of Kentucky, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I am a member of the Big Blue Nation all the same. The feeling of camaraderie, the “belonging” to the BBN is a feeling like no other. People (including myself) who didn’t attend UK still bleed blue, BUY blue, wear blue, sport insignia on their license plates, car decals, flags flying from the front porch, and more.

My attire for game day on Saturday was a little ridiculous… UK headband, UK earrings, UK shirt, UK flip-flops… loving the Cats is a cultural thing, and, to some of us, a near-religious experience.

As the season has ended, and fans and haters from across the country duel it out on social media, some  things are indisputable. The Cats went 38-0, ending their season at 38-1. The players LOVE the game and their teammates. Haters gonna hate. And Kentucky fans are ALWAYS going to love the Cats.

#BBNforever  #IDoBelieve

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