I’ve been BEACHIN, darlin’


I do love the beach. I’ve always believed that the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the ocean. This trip was a little different than most I’ve taken, as it involved my volunteering to assist my mother in law (Henceforth known as Mamoo, because that’s what the grands call her) in her travels.

This trip is known (OK, really I just call it…) the Wild Wagoner Women Weekend, because it is all women from my hubby’s side of the family. This year, the group was Mamoo and myself, one of her two daughters, DeeDee and her daughter, and Sandra and her daughter. The trip normally happens in the fall, but this year we celebrated Sandra’s 80th birthday, which falls in the spring.

SO. Here’s my Mamoo, on the beach. IMG_9481

Why YES. As a matter of fact she IS on oxygen. And we flew. AND there was gate-to-gate wheelchair service needed. AND I pushed the wheelchair and schlepped all of the luggage. AND it’s a pain to fly with oxygen. You need extra batteries and a note from your doctor. TSA is very interested in those big bricks of lithium batteries.

But doesn’t she look HAPPY? The oxygen is a new-ish thing, she’s been on it almost a year now, and it enables her to get enough O2 in her to actually make it to the beach and back under her own steam. Her quality of life has increased exponentially, and that’s a great thing.

Beach selfie

Here’s a random picture of me on the beach. I love to bake, and it will catch up with me I AM SURE… but I love it. So there. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a bandanna on my head. I have them in many colors and I wear them to keep my hair from bleaching out to cotton-top white.

And here might be my favorite picture of all from the week:

beach stairs

I love it. I love the beach so much that I suspect I will be back in the fall.

Have a great day, darlin’!

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