I am so mad, Darlin’


GRRR. There is this one person who can make me angrier than anyone else. She really honks me off. I mean, she has so much going for her, and she is SO blessed, and yet when something that’s a minor inconvenience (like her car needs repairs, and she decides it’s time to upgrade), she acts like it’s a real PROBLEM.

COME ON. There are starving children, battered women, and dogs in shelters. There’s been a shooting this week – a hate crime. IN A CHURCH no less. And this selfish person is all “woe is me” over something that can be fixed with a little time and some money? What an ingrate. How insensitive, how egocentric… how SELFISH can one person be?

Oh, she’s ME, Darlin. I am the one who sometimes forgets to count her blessings (the ones that are so bountiful they can’t even be counted properly). I am the one whose truck had a hiccup – ok, so I smelled gas, and Stevie would NOT let me drive it – and I have to borrow my DH (darlin husband)’s truck to go see my Daddy on Father’s Day. Oooooh, the drama. My truck won’t be fixed until TUESDAY. Waaah.

Big Whoop. What a selfish outlook. I need to trade vehicles. My beloved 2003 GMC Envoy has 150,000 miles on her, and I have a tendency to just pick up and GO, and I want to be able to do that anytime I choose.

I’m blessed to have a good job, a little savings stashed away, and a reasonable expectation of continued employment. I’m not looking at walking, riding a moped, or having to hitch a ride. The only painful parts of this whole situation will be deciding for certain what I want, finding a good deal on it, and writing a check.

I only wish that everyone were so blessed. I’m off to cook a meal (we have abundant, affordable and safe food) in my air-conditioned house, on a stove that creates fire with the turn of a knob. I will then enjoy this meal with a hubby who loves me (lotta people don’t have that, either), and then I’ll probably go take a shower (still in my house, still at the turn of a knob) and put on clean PJs that I didn’t have to bang on a rock in the creek.

I’ll probably wash down my blood pressure pill  (which may very well keep me from having a stroke/heart attack)tonight with a big glass of ice cold milk that I didn’t have to get from the cow myself, and go hop in a nice clean bed that’s up off the carpeted floor and is only shared with one person, not a whole family. That bed is in a home under roof, it’s heated in winter and cooled in summer, and that bedroom is only ONE room ! We have THREE rooms with running water!

I’ll get up in the morning and go to church, because I want to and because I am so blessed to live in a country where I can do that without persecution for my beliefs. And, chances are, I will ask God for forgiveness for selfishly moping a day away over something silly like needing to go vehicle shopping.

Then I’ll go see my dad (who is still married to my mom) for Father’s Day, and I will get to see my sister, and Fabulous Nephew Kole. On Monday, I will go to a job that I love, working with and for people who are family to me.

There’s a saying that’s popular right now, “I got 99 problems but _____ ain’t one of em.” You’re supposed to fill in the blank with whatever fits your situation. But, when I think about it, I want to change that saying. Compared to most people in this world, I have NO real problems. I have inconveniences, and they are petty.

#TheStruggleIsNOTReal  #inconvenience #countingmyblessings

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