There are friends, and there is family, then there’s… “framily”


Sprint, the cell phone service provider, coined the term “framily” to encompass their customers’ friends and family. It’s a neat term, and I think it extends far past the cell phone industry.
I have always been that girl who built a framily wherever I went. I worked for Paxton Media for nearly 20 years, and there were many people there whom I loved. I mean, really LOVED. We had been through weddings, marriages, babies, sometimes divorces, and much more.

Since I have been working with the soybean board, I have found a new framily! I love my farmers, my co-workers and the folks I have met by extension. People in agriculture are the salt of the earth, GOOD people. They have highs and lows and victories and challenges, and we tend to share them amongst ourselves. Ag people are open, warm and loving, for the most part.

IMG_0190On the left in this photo is Lesa Elliott Clark. I’m in the middle (all teeth and curls) and on the right is Ellie Gore Waggoner (no relation, different spelling). I love them. They own and operate LeCows Dairy farm in McCracken County Kentucky, and they’ve become my people. We check on one another from time to time We text, email, facebook messenger, Instagram, whatever it takes to keep in touch.

They are good, good people, and, like many of the contacts I’ve welcomed into my framily, they’re among the people that I’d call if I had an emergency or a celebration. I think they’d do the same.

And that is a very. good. thing.

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  1. God places different people in our lives for His Purpose. A few years ago, we meet Rae for the first time. Immediately, the feeling was similar to reconnecting with your best friend from childhood. Rae is the friend that you call in the middle of the night and ask her to bring a shovel! No questions are asked…Seriously, Rae has become part of our family. We are Blessed that Rae is there for the highs and lows of life. Our prayer is that we support and help her as well. Wealth is not in a bank, but Family and Friends who become your family by choice! Love our Rae-Rae!!!!!


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