no. I mean I REALLY hate car shopping, like with the fire of ten thousand suns HATE. I have a 2003 GMC Envoy, pewter in color, 4 wheel drive, heated leather seats and a sunroof. Neutral colored interior. Life has been GOOD for the past 100,000+ miles.
But, at 152,000 miles (we bought her used), it is past time for me to trade in/up and get something new(er).

If I could wave a magic wand and take 100,000 miles off her, I’d do it. Not just the odometer, mind you, because that’s just a number… and it’s illegal. But if I could roll back time for her, I would, and drive her till the wheels fall off. Alas, that’s not possible.
I’m not having any trouble finding something I like – it’s a  GMC Terrain, and that’s the answer. The problem is finding one in a color I like with acceptably low mileage and all the options I want for what I am willing to pay. WHY IS THAT SO HARD, PEOPLE?

I found one that was great – went to test drive it and it was gone, Found another one that I was excited about! Alas, it was only a 4 cylinder, and I am CLEARLY a V6 kind of girl. 😉

Found one at the dealership a mile from my office and called the salesman to tell him I was going to come drive it – yep. They had sold it.

So I choose to believe that none of those were meant to be, and something great is waiting around the corner for me.

And, if this is the biggest problem I have in my life (and to the best of my knowledge it is), then I am blessed beyond measure and my cup runneth over!

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