Oh my gosh, Darlin’ – I am SO excited.


You know that I LOVE to be a rock star. Hitting it out of the park is a consistent goal of mine – I am Type A all the way and an incurable overachiever, and y’all, WE DID IT!!!

All of my ag friends should know about the documentary FARMLAND, and if you don’t, get thee to Netflix and watch it. This documentary by Academy-Award nominated filmmaker James Moll takes a look inside the lives of six young farm and ranch families. The featured farmers and ranchers are from many different walks of life and represent a wide variety of agriculture practices, from a first-generation female farmer who runs a CSA to an  rancher in Throckmorton, Texas and all kinds of agriculture in between.

Farmland 5x7.25_Postcard_March2015 PQ

This movie totally gives me “the feels,” and through my staff position with the national grassroots group of farm women reaching out to non-farm women,(that would be CommonGround. Look it up! http://www.FindOurCommonGround.com)  our state organization was blessed to HOST a screening of FARMLAND at the Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah, Kentucky. AWESOME venue. In, well, an alley, this historical theatre seats about 130, and we had near a full house. Folks watched the film, we hosted a Q&A session, and PEOPLE LEARNED!  Folks stayed after the theatre staff had gone home, asking questions of our panelists and other farmers in the audience.

I have to say, I have the greatest farmers in the known universe. Our volunteers answered questions honestly and transparently, and the attendees realized that farmers don’t have anything to hide, they just need to know “what do you want to know?”


This is Dan Clark, who swears he’s not a farmer. Sadly, I think poor Dan is delusional. He maintains ADAMANTLY that he’s not a farmer, but I have seen him in the milking parlor with the ladies, I’ve watched him carry a calf to its pen, and I have seen him covered in cow &^($. Dan, my friend, you are totally a farmer. 🙂

We had row crop farmers who helped the audience relate to acres as a unit of measurement (it’s about the size of a football field), we talked about animal welfare, hormones, antibiotics, food safety, GMO crops and a whole lot more.

This might have been the best night of my career. Thanks so much to everyone who made it possible!

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