Goodness, I am pulling my hair out, Darlin!


I love my job. That is a true statement. One of my favorite parts of said job is a program called CommonGround, which connects farm women to the non-farm public to help consumers make their food choices based on facts, not fear. With all the fearmongering and misrepresentation out there today (hi, Chipotle, Heloooo Panera!), it’s a big deal to let people know that a lot of what’s out there isn’t science, it’s MARKETING.

Anyway, one of the ways that Kentucky CommonGround is reaching out is through media and bloggers, and we’re hosting a farm tour and farm-to-table luncheon tomorrow. Our secret weapon is Chef Josh Moore, who is the Executive Chef and part owner of Volare Italian Ristorante in Louisville. He’s a big beef advocate.

No. I mean really. Like, this is his arm.


Sooooo. Yeah, loves beef. And he is a certified beef ambassador, so I feel pretty darn confident that lunch is going to be ah-mazing!

Putting together a bus tour on a farm in a city that is way outside my wheelhouse is making me kind of stressy… but I have an awesome partner in Celeste Harned, a CommonGround volunteer who lives here in Western Kentucky, and who will be the spokesperson tomorrow after lunch. It’s so much better, so REAL, coming from a volunteer instead of a paid staffer. Yes, I am likely just as passionate, but there is the argument that I am paid to be. Not true, but the case can be made.

So, I am going to sign off and continue to do my thing – it’s going to be a great tour, at an AWESOME farm (  and I get to see this goofball!


It’s going to be a great day. Food and farm and fun!

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