So, Darlin, about Facebook


I utilize social media a lot. In my personal life, in my job as communication director for the soybean board, and as one of the admins on our church’s Facebook page. I’m on there a lot. I thoroughly enjoy the “schedule post” button, because… life…. life happens, it gets in the way, it blows our schedules all to crap. It derails our best intentions.

So there is a lot of discussion about Facebook adding a “Dislike” button, and that’s all well and good. Sometimes I don’t want to necessarily comment on a post, but I do want the OP (original poster) to know that I saw and acknowledged their post. The “like” button is not always appropriate.

“Just wanted to let everyone know my Gramma changed her address to heaven last night.” “Like” doesn’t really cut it.

“Wish me luck in court today.”  ummmmm…. “like?””

And my least favorite thing of all – vaguebooking. “I am going through some stuff right now, I don’t really want to go into detail.” since there is not a “WTH?” button, “like” is the only option there is, so I see the appeal of a “dislike” button.

But this…

nope button

I want this. I want the NOPE button. Picture of a 6 foot cobra-conda-rattler behind the clothes dryer in someone’s house? NOPE.

“I am getting married to a guy I have known less than a month who has been engaged four times in the past year?” NOPE

“Yippee! only X more days till winter?” NOPE

Some chef ruining an otherwise lovely recipe by slapping a big gooey egg-over-easy on top of it? NOPE

Gals in size 24W string bikinis frolicking with some old hairy dude in a Speedo? NOPE NOPE NOPE

Yep. that’s what this girl wants. A NOPE button.

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  1. My suggestion is a list of options to “push”. When I read a response with “LOL”, I hear fingers on a chalkboard. People apply LOL to situations as a default setting too often. But this morning, I did laugh out loud and could not type the internet slang appropriate. My acronyms would also contain some of our farm lingo. Thanks for the “LOL” as I start my day, and “YAGBTS”.


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