#Thankful365, Darlin!


Ok, y’all. here we go. 2016 is a brand new, bright shiny year. I shied away from the year-end social media challenges that so many of my friends took part in. I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m not as dedicated as they are, not as clever… and a little lazy, I suppose.

Then, as I was sitting in church this morning, it hit me. Thankfulness. Not just 30 days of thankful, as so many people do during November. I am blessed beyond measure, and I know it. There are so many people hurting with broken hearts, broken marriages, broken dreams. I have friends who have lost loved ones, lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost beloved livestock, and one who recently lost her heart dog…

So I decided, right here on January 3, that I am going to post something for which I am thankful for every day of 2016. My friend and dog rescuer Ann Carter Farmer did the 100 Happy Days challenge last year, and she is still going strong. She posts on Facebook just about every day #anotherhappyday with a photo.

I’m not that dedicated, and I’m sure my posts will be all over the spectrum in content and on social media outlets. They probably won’t happen every day, but the commitment I have made to myself is to post about 365 things for which I am thankful before the ball drops to usher in 2017.  On InstaGram, I’m RaeWagoner. On FaceBook, Rae Charlton Wagoner, and on Twitter I am @raecwag, in case you want to follow along.

365 days is a lot of days and a lot of posts. I may not post every day – for instance, I am starting out two days behind. Those who know me are not surprised… so here we go!

#Thankful365 January 1: I am thankful that the biggest problem I have right now is that I am overweight. I am so blessed that my biggest concern  is not that of so many people all over the world who are wondering what their next meal will be or how/if they’re going be able to feed their children. I have TOO MUCH safe, affordable, fresh food. Wow. Let that sink in a minute.

#Thankful365 January 2: I am thankful that I am not yet morbidly obese. I need to drop about 30 pounds. That is much less than  many people have to contend with. I have two dear friends who lost 100 pounds each on Weight Watchers. I have another friend (who I met through my beloved RGDJ) who is surely closing in on a similar milestone. My gift-with-purchase daughter dropped about 50 in the past year. (SO proud of her!) 100 pounds is a lot. I mean, that’s a whole fifth grader, right?

#Thankful365 January 3: I am thankful that I have so may food choices, including healthy and low-calorie fresh fruits and veggies, like the vibrantly orange Cuties pictured below. I can access lean protein, fresh skim milk, and low-fat cheeses to enjoy as I work toward a healthier, happier Rae.


So now I am caught up, and I have some ideas on what I may post tomorrow. And really, that’s the thing. To be ever-mindful of my blessings and to be thankful to the One who gave me those blessings.

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