Be who you needed, Darlin’


So – I was fortunate to attend the 2016 CommonGround Conference in Washington DC last week (Yes. Yes, I am aware of Snowmageddon, d/b/a Winter Storm Jonas. Some of my cohorts and I got out on the 6 a.m. flight the day the snow started. Yes. Yes we WERE at the airport at a time that begins with 3. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

So as I looked around the room at the conference, I saw women my age. I saw women who are… more chronologically advantaged than I am, and I saw an ever-increasing number of women who are younger than I am. Some were MUCH younger… that is not my favorite thing, but it surely made me think.

As women, we have to lift one another up. We have to help each other to grow, help each other deal, and, well, for these young ladies who haven’t been out of school for long and are learning the ways of the world, we have to help them learn to “Adult.”

As a grammar junkie, I am aware that “adult” shouldn’t be used as a verb, but sometimes it is, and sometimes “adulting” is just HARD. So I ran across this in my personal archives, and it fit with what was on my heart today. IMG_1497

I think this is super-important. I try to be the person who I needed when I was younger. Let that sink in for a moment. Who did you need? What strength did you need help acquiring?  I’m no inspiration, no mentor, no “spirit animal,” but, as I explained to a young woman who is learning to “adult” not long ago, I was blessed with a mother who taught me how to play the Game. And anyone who thinks there is no Game being played out in this life is mistaken.

Teach your younger friends, ladies. Teach them by example, talk to them about life and love and work and how things work together. Don’t let the young women in your life go it alone. Don’t be pushy, but be accessible, be approachable. Be honest, be helpful, be relatable. Because we are all in this together. #adulting #mentor #Sisterhood

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