Savannah Jane, darlin, what have you DONE?


So you know that I love my dog, Savannah Jane NaughtyDog, to a level that makes some people a little worried, right? I mean, I have a gift-with-purchase daughter that I got when I married Darlin Husband, and she’s GREAT, but my little fur-friend (ok, my dog-ter) is here with me all day, every day, and she will never go to college or move out on her own.

So we are close. VeryClose.

I had been out to dinner and shopping with my Person on Monday evening, and all was well when I came home about 9 bells. She was, naturally, very happy to see her mommy. Before long, it was almost bedtime, so I took her out to potty. On a leash. In our yard. Never completely out of my sight.

And all was well. We came back in and I turned out the lights in deference to DH who was ready to go to sleep.  SJ joined me in the recliner, where I was reading on my Nook (in the dark) and “snooted” up under my hand for an ear scritching.

Then I felt her nose, and Oh. My. Gosh!

There was THIS!


How awful does THAT look? It was immediate, and Dr. Brian BestVetInTheWorld Williams and I still have no idea what she rooted up into with that long snoot.

After Mommy completed her high-speed come-apart (which included DH getting up to turn the light on and LOOK AT HER NOSE, I gave her a benadryl and we went to sleep. She was acting fine. Frisky and chipper, even. Next morning, not a lot had changed, so off to the vet we went, and after a steroid shot for her and some calming talk for me, we decided that a day at Dr. Brian Day Camp was in order.

She is on the mend now – it’s going to take some time to get back to normal, and we STILL don’t know what she got into between the boxwood bush and the side of the house – but my goodness what an ordeal!


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