So, about Siblings Day and sisters from another mister


My newsfeed was flooded, as I am sure yours was, with photos of brothers and sisters on National Siblings Day. Some photos caused me to say “awwwwww” with utter sincerity, while others brought a quick snort and thoughts of “well, aren’t YOU just the pick of the litter?”

I posted the obligatory picture of my sister and me. She’s 11 years younger than I am, and I love her dearly. That got me thinking, though, about my other sisters. The ones I’ve chosen for myself.

We do that, you know. Women. We make families. We bring people together – we bond deeply with our girlfriends, and, as an extrovert, I tend to gather friends wherever I go. I have my friends from elementary school with whom I still enjoy dinner from time to time, I have my “book club” that now really only reads wine labels, and my “framily,” the girlfriends here in western Kentucky who I love so much.

Becoming an AGvocate in the Redneck Girl’s Dream Job has opened up a while new world of “sisters from another mister,” though, and social media helps us keep in touch. I can call up my favorite Baconista (and her Grams) in Kansas, send condolences and a hug across the miles to a sweet friend in Minnesota who just lost her mother, comment on the success of that FABULOUS young man in Wishek, North Dakota, and rejoice with every new arrival born to the mommies in my tribe. I’ve learned about life and love and loss and sugar beets and goats from a bunch of perspectives. I now have friends who run dairy operations, own feedlots, some who are piglet midwives and others who grow wine grapes. I’ve prayed for a turkey farmer friend when the avian influenza virus hit Iowa. I have an awesome friend who is the online engagement director for Monsanto!

The sisterhood is alive and well, ladies and gentlemen, and in keeping with National Siblings Day and my personal #Thankful365 campaign, I just wanted to take this opportunity to send a shout out to all of the ladies in the CommonGround and Ag sisterhood. We are alive and well… and we are family.



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