Take me out to the ballgame, darlin!


So in addition to the fun and glamour (and hog poo and chicken litter) that is the RGDJ, we have meetings. A lot of meetings. I have not yet achieved professional meeting-goer status, and for the most part our meetings are informative and I always learn SOMETHING that I can use.

One of our national organization’s contractors is based in St.Louis, so once a year or so, I attend a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game as evening entertainment after our meeting. Last night was just such a night, and the cards SPANKED the Colorado Rockies, 13-7. (Yay, team!)


So, it must be said that my favorite part of this ballgame (aside from the company, the win, and the food/bev) is the opportunity to share this app with my followers. I love WordSwag! This app, on my iPhone, allows me to overlay text onto photos in a variety of fonts, to add value and/or meaning to the photo. Possibly more importantly, it lets me watermark a photo with my logo! (YAYNESS!)

As an individual, that’s fun and fine and great, and if my blog ever becomes more than an online diary, it will be necessary. In my job as the communicator for the Kentucky Soybean Board, it’s vital to watermark photos that I post on social media. It amazes me how people who may not have the access to, say, the inside of a hog house, (as I do) will take a photo out of context and use it for nefarious purposes.

There are several other applications that perform this same function, but Word Swag is my personal preference. It’s available from the App Store, and it enables me to build complete posts including messaging from the field – and in my case, it’s LITERALLY the field…. or the barn… or the tractor. 🙂



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