OH. My. LANTA, Darlin’!


So it popped up in my planner (yes, I have a paper one in addition to my iCalendar – don’t judge me!) that yesterday was FIVE YEARS in the Redneck Girl’s Dream Job (RGDJ). FIVE YEARS!

Yes, I loved my job when I worked at the newspaper… until it became all about revenue forecasts and page count projections, and doing everything on a shoestring stretched way too tightly. I still loved the community and the writing and photography, and the people I worked with, but this opportunity came along and I am so very thankful, grateful and blessed that it did.

Yes, I have an awesome job. As communication director for the Kentucky Soybean Board and Kentucky Soybean Association, I STILL get to take pictures and write stories, but I am part of a much larger community than just Lyon County, Kentucky. I get to work with and for some of the best people I’ve ever known, and that makes my heart happy. I’m part of a family – truly. And the branches of that family extend far beyond the state line.

Through my career path and my AGvocacy efforts online, I have gotten to know people across the country, many of them well. There’s a certain young lady in Kansas (Hi Jancey!) without whom my life would be a little dimmer, a soon-to-be-ex pig farmer in Indiana who is surely my sister from another mister, and numerous other people who mean the world to me.

SO. Bear in mind that (the calendar says) I’m 50, so I changed careers completely at age 45, after being a member of the PMG staff for more than 20 years. I had thought I’d retire from there, but GOD HAD SOMETHING BETTER for me. When a great opportunity lands in your lap, Darlin’, examine it, pray about it, do the math, and TAKE IT.


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  1. Rae, you are truly blessed, as am I. I move to Hawaii in March to live closer to my daughter. Love your posts and will continue to keep up with you, hopefully.


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