baby savannahThis is my personal blog.

It bears no association with (nor endorsement by) my employer or anybody else. This is all me, folks.

All views, opinions, etc. are solely my own, Darlin’.

I am a dachshund lovin’ redneck from Nowhere, Kentucky.

I believe in God, guns, grammar, cheese grits, farming and proper usage of the Oxford Comma. I am perpetually on a diet trying to lose those same pounds. When I am not working at the RGDJ (redneck girl’s dream job), I enjoy reading trashy novels, lying in the sun like a snake on a flat rock, and quite possibly a cold beer on occasion. I love my family and treat my friends like family. My DH (darlin’ husband) is a Very Good Man, my baby girl dachshund Savannah Jane is my heart, and all of the above will likely be fodder for this blog.

* To the owners of the OTHER “darlindiaries” AND “darlingdiaries,” I apologize. I went through GoDaddy and looked for about six names that GD showed were already taken before coming upon DarlinDiaries as an available name for my blog. I googled the phrase and got nothing. Bought it, and Here We ALL Are. Grrrrr… they say nothing is truly unique, and I hate to find that is true in this case.

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